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19% of all children in the US live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold, but you can help change this. At Investing For Youth, we focus on helping underprivileged children in local and global communities. Our programs and activities are designed to obtain money to invest into socially responsible businesses that help the global community with a high CSR ranking and moderate dividend yield, such as Bosch, Ben & Jerry's, and Starbucks because every penny counts. The inevitable dividends will be donated to various charities locally for the education of underpriviledged children like Starfish Family Services and Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan so communities are helped locally and globally.

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Here at Investing For Youth, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in ensuring that all kids have access to a good education. We provide our services to collect funds which are donated to charities funding education in underprivileged communities. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

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"There is no greater inspiration than empowering children to help other children."

After visiting India and the Pine Ridge Reservation, observing the pervasive poverty, each of us desired to make a difference. First, we're tackling the problem of poverty by helping the future of our world: the children...


President - Shravan Devulapalli

Vice President - Sahil Devulapalli

Treasurer - Lance Quinn

Secretary - Sameera Devulapally

Joint Director - Sheetal Rao-Prathima

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You Can Make a Difference

Our organization is determined to create a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. To achieve our goals, we have devised a comprehensive fundraising strategy that involves various initiatives to raise both awareness and funds. We plan to organize charity events such as teaming up with popular restaurants and sports tournaments, bringing together compassionate individuals and philanthropic companies to contribute to our cause.

Our Four Main Organizations: 


Spirit Horse Connections is an organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to Native American communities throughout North and South America. Their focus is on meeting the needs of both the youth and the elders within these communities. They offer school program assistance and individual youth support, while also strengthening youth organizational collaborations. Additionally, the organization aims to offer emergency funding for elders' daily needs and community ceremonial preparations. A significant part of their mission revolves around preserving the historical significance of the Ancient Horse of the Americas, supporting accurate presentations and truthful narratives about these spiritual horses. Through their efforts, they strive to promote the unique cultural way of life for each tribe connected to their original lands and make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

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Donation to Spirit Horse Connection for the benefit of pine ridge emergency foster care.

Lance Quinn (middle) and Sahil Devulapalli (left) with Karen Quinn (right)


Donation to VTSeva for a benefit towards education, food, and clothing for visually challenged children of Nethra Vidyalaya & Tribal School.


Donation to Nationwide Children's Hospital-Toledo to build social equity in their communities and expand education and resources for children and families in the community.

Donation to Living Learning Enrichment Center for the benefit of enhancing lives of participants with disabilities.

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Lance Quinn with Nick Schultz, ambassador of Meadowbrook Country Club, receiving a grant from Eagles For Children.

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"There is no greater inspiration than empowering children to help other children."

Gary Graves

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